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It used to be that when a guy would pick you up, he brought flowers. Today, you might be swiping through Tinder while waiting for you at the restaurant.

It used to be that you called a girl, she answered the phone, you asked her out, and she either said yes or no. But today, you might text for weeks before she just disappears.

If you are single today, you know how challenging things have become.

Now we have to sell ourselves in 400 characters or less, and a few pictures.

Now instead of approaching someone out in the real world, we browse through our matches while standing in line at CVS.

Now we don’t know who’s serious, and who we will never hear from again.

Men spend their time sending countless messages with little response, and women are left choosing between fending off creeps, or ignoring weirdos.

Breathe deeply, there is hope.

You can get the magic back!


This is not a pickup artists course.

This course is not just for men, nor is it just for woman.

What makes this course different is that where other online dating courses will teach you a few tips and tricks, we go deeper.

To succeed in online dating, it’s not about memorizing good pickup lines or waiting a certain number of days before texting. It’s about understanding the universal strategies for success and appreciating what the human being on the other side is experiencing and thinking.

Once you start seeing things through this new lens, you'll have everything you need to find exactly who you are looking for.

Here's what you need to understand

Online Dating IS Online Marketing

Online dating is both an art and a science.

Understanding how to attract the right people, and repel the wrong people will save you time and aggravation, not to mention help you find what you are actually looking for. And it all starts with one question.

Why are you doing all of this?

✓ Are you looking for forever?

✓ Or are you looking for tonight?

✓ Are you open to dating anyone that’s interested?

✓ Or do you have certain criteria?

Whatever the case, you should be honest about it, and how you present yourself online is the starting point.

You don’t have to lie, you don’t have to play games, you just have to know how to present yourself in a way that serves your goals.

This course can help.

Course Curriculum

✓ The Essential Online Dating Framework

✓ Understanding The Male Brain